Our school fees are set annually. School fees and levies are necessary to supplement State and Commonwealth grants, provide sufficient funds to operate the school, and provide support for the educational environment and structure of the school. Fees made up as follows:

Capital levy (no discount)                                                       $260.00           per family per year

Tuition fees and general levies

Kinder                                                                                     $1,515.00        per student per year

Prep to Grade 6                                                                      $1,604.00        per student per year

Additional levies (no discount)

Kinder                                                                                     $45.00             per student per year

Prep – Grade 6                                                                       $85.00             per student per year

MJR books for Grades 3 and 5                                              $20.00             per student per year

Prep – Grade 2 Compulsory stationery items                        $45.00             per student per year

to be handed out in class throughout the year

Invoice terms

Invoices will be issued to you at the commencement of the new school year. Full payment will be due by 31 March 2021, unless other arrangements are made using the attached payment arrangement form.

Please note that any payment arrangement entered into is purely administrative. In the event of default on payment arrangements, the total amount outstanding will become immediately due and the school reserves its right to take steps to recover it in full. 

As families with 3 or more students enrolled in Catholic schools are eligible for discounts, monthly fees can vary from family to family. Please contact the school office if you need assistance to work out what your monthly commitment will be.

 A payment arrangement form can be collected from the office where parents/guardians manage their finances separately from each other.

Financial Assistance

There may be some families who don’t enrol their children in Catholic schools because of concerns about the level of fees and levies charged.

Catholic schools are accessible to all families willing to support the Catholic ethos regardless of their personal, financial and pastoral circumstances. No child will be denied a place in a Catholic school because of financial hardship.

Families who are interested in Catholic education and feel they could benefit from financial support are encouraged to contact the School. All enquiries are managed sensitively and within privacy guidelines.