Student Support


Student Support Coordinator: Miss Lee McCormack

Catholic Care Counsellors: Miss Jade Rhodes and Ms Jasmine Biere

Occupational Therapist: Kayla Pyke

Wellbeing Officer: Hannah White

The Sacred Heart Student Support Team aims to support and enrich the academic, social and emotional wellbeing of all students attending our school. Our child-centred approach promotes positive student engagement and endeavours to equip students with the essential skills, knowledge and strategies to become successful learners. Working with teachers and families, our central goal is to support the provision of equitable opportunities for all students to reach their fullest potential in order to become active participants in society.

Our team supports the child, the family and the school community by providing a diverse range of services and programs to promote the holistic development of each student. A key approach is the establishment of quality differentiated teaching and learning programs including participation in well-being, enrichment and/or intervention programs; delivered both 1:1 and in small groups.

Sacred Heart Catholic School also participates in enrichment programs which provide gifted and talented students an opportunity to challenge themselves and encourages communication between students in the program across the state. The program provides students with a combination of online interactive learning and offline hands-on learning. Whilst students work independently they are also allocated a mentor, either a teacher or teacher aide, to support them in their work. 

Our students and families are also support by our school counsellors and occupational therapist on a weekly basis.

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